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What makes Beats On The Day unique?

If you’ve ever wondered how to entertain your guests once they’ve eaten their wedding breakfast and laughed themselves silly at the best man’s speech, we have the answer.


All you need is a room full of wedding guests, a chap called Adrian Wiggins, a shed load of Boomwhackers and the ability to leave preconceptions about wedding entertainment at the door. Beats On The Day is like nothing you’ve seen before.


Why choose Beats On The Day for your wedding entertainment?


  • We can fill the void between speeches and evening entertainment with our unique, percussive wedding entertainment

  • Your guests will be re-energised and ready to party after we’ve turned them into a vibrant musical, human orchestra

  • The hand-held plastic Boomwhackers we use are fun, near-indestructible and safe for guests of all ages

  • The tunes and rhythms we create with your guests will last long in the memory and ensure your wedding remains a talking point for years to come


How do we do it? It’s brilliantly simple; Adrian hands out individually-coloured plastic music tubes called ‘Boomwhackers’ to your guests. Each Boomwhacker set produces its own pitched sound when bashed together and, via a fun call-and-response style, Adrian will swiftly teach guests a collection of rhythms  that will have them playing together in harmony almost instantly!


This unique form of wedding entertainment is perfect for warming up wedding guests and party goers.


The Boomwhacker


The brilliant Boomwhacker can quickly become the unlikely star of any wedding reception. Here’s why:


  • They’re plastic, safe, indestructible and great fun to play

  • An endless array of sounds can be created with minimal, fun tuition

  • Set-up is virtually non-existent and the fun can therefore begin very quickly

  • Boomwhackers are suitable for absolutely any age or ability