5 Ways to pump up your wedding guests

Take a look at your diary. I bet you’ve got at least one wedding to attend this year. And, if it isn’t your own, I bet there’s a slight sense of ‘oh… here we go again’.

Admit it; there’s no harm in thinking that way. We all go to a lot of weddings and few manage to break free of the typical schedule.

It goes something like this:

  1. Wedding ceremony

  2. Pre wedding breakfast drinks

  3. Wedding breakfast

  4. Speeches

  5. Evening entertainment

Sound familiar? Boring, even?

So many weddings follow this age old pattern and, as a result, often simply fall into the fading memory bank occupied by every other wedding we attend. It stands to reason that you want your own wedding to live long in the memory, which is why you need to think out of the box somewhat when it comes to wedding entertainment.

Well, good news. If you’re planning your own wedding this year, we’ve got 5 inventive ways to pump up your guests with unique wedding entertainment!

1. Play games

Adult wedding guests tend to regress to childhood antics on the big day. Whether it be skidding across the dance floor on their knees or playing hide and seek with the real kids, you can capitalise on this thirst for Tom Foolery by introducing games. Twister, lawn games, 5-a-side football… get them playing!

2. Get drumming

At Beats On The Day, we’ve devised a brilliant way to pump guests up during the flat period that resides between the speeches and evening entertainment. It involved things called ‘Boomwhackers’ and you can find out how it works here. It’s a brilliant way to re-energise them after all that food.

3. Get creative with the food

Wedding breakfasts can be rather safe and a little dull, given the numbers needed to be fed. To spice things up a bit, why not put in place a pick ’n’ mix table full of sweets? In the summer, ice cream vans are also a big hit for sweltering guests.

4. Introduce a surprise entertainer

Everyone will be expecting the band and DJ later, so why not surprise them with something a little different before? Entertainers such as caricaturists and close-up magicians will work perfectly.

5. Run a competition

I can guarantee this will raise an eyebrow. A competition, you ask? At a wedding? Well… why not? By harnessing the power of social media, you can get everyone involved in a bit of fun which will make your big day one to be remembered. Simply set your guests the challenge of taking the best/worst/funniest (delete as appropriate) picture at your wedding and ask them to post the results on Facebook or Instagram, with a prize on offer for the one you deem to be the best.

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