Rebecca & Owain Jones Wedding 20th June 2015

Saturday June 20th 2015

What an amazing wedding and the reception was held at Thames Rowing Club in Putney. A beautiful venue on the banks of the Thames and one of the oldest rowing clubs in the UK apparently.

Sun was out and of course the guests were looking fabulous. As always I arrived in plenty of time and secrecy is the key, the element of surprise is paramount.

Which can be a problem sometimes when one is trying to smuggle in bags of brightly coloured plastic tubes. Trying to speak to the bride and groom, people wondering if you're the stripper! I mean come on at a wedding and at my age!

The next crucial ingredient is to be slick and sly, like a Ninja, get the Boomwhackers ready to put out on the tables as soon as the speeches have finished and make sure people don’t disappear.

Well speeches always drag on and these were particularly funny and apt. Speeches done I’m on, bags at the ready, head mic (ala Madonna) ready. “Hi everyone” and so I begin.

Managing the crowd, teaching the grooves. We have 8 colours, 8 lengths of tube and so 8 different notes think 'Do Re Mi' and you’ll get the idea.

People looking at me as if I’ve just wondered off a set of Rainbow, but the challenge, inadvertently is always mine. And I thrive on that; my experience gives me the confidence of a successful outcome.

This was a smallish wedding with 80 guests and they were definitely up for it. As quickly as a speeding bullet they were up and running picking up the grooves and breaks.

Keeping the guests in time I select 2 volunteers to play the bin. Well this can be awkward if the volunteer/s have no rhythm, enthusiasm is never enough. And in this case an enthusiastic drummer is even worse! So there we have the groom and the drummer, whom I’m sorry to say was all over the place. Fortunately Rebecca could see this and stepped in, thanks Rebecca you’ll make a great wife I’m sure.

Grooves in place, breaks learnt we have a fully flowing interactive wedding band sounding awesome. Energy a plenty and I hope a memorable occasion. At least we kept the focus so the DJ had a revved up audience.

Rebecca and Owain Jones thank you for a great day!

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