Who is behind Beats On The Day

Welcome to Beats On The Day which is a new concept in wedding entertainment. My name is Adrian and I have been teaching corporate workshops and sessions for over 18 years. After facilitating numerous successful conference icebreakers with my sister company Big Beat for companies all over the world I decided to offer my skills to the wedding industry and carried on the trend I had set for generating fun and togetherness.

You see I’m a percussionist I love sound and creating sounds; I have honed my skills so I can now get any group to play and perform together. What better then to have that at a wedding just after the speeches when everyone is full and potentially wanting to skulk off somewhere for a kip.

I use the Boomwhacker as a tool to generate a colourful, collective sound. With simple rhythms breaks and keeping it accessible the end result is an all round sense of achievement. After all everyone loves music and why not make your own?

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