When do the Boomwhackers make an appearance?


Our unique wedding entertainment is designed to be delivered after the speeches and food in order to ignite and re-energise your guests. It also creates a brilliant element of surprise, because no one will be expecting it.


The Boomwhackers are hidden beneath the tables and when the time comes, we introduce everyone to their new musical friend.

Each colour is assigned its own rhythm which is quickly learnt. Bit-by-bit, the rhythms come together and weave a hypnotic tune, creating energy and laughter throughout the room.

After 20 minutes, the wedding venue will be treated to a fully-flowing orchestra of sound and visual splendour, pumping guests up for the evening entertainment and creating memories which will last forever.


The Boomwhacker


The Boomwhacker is a versatile musical tube with almost limitless possibilities. Presented in 8 different lengths and with varying notes and matching colours, your wedding guests will transform into a vibrant human orchestra, hitting their Boomwhackers together to create varying rhythms and conducted by team building expert Adrian Wiggins.


“The way you get everyone playing together is so simple!” (Sarah Price, wedding guest)

Beats On The Day delivers upbeat interactive musical sessions specifically designed for weddings and events. With over 18 years’ experience specialising in unique entertainment and team building, we can guarantee a memorable time for everyone involved.


We’ve delivered countless workshops and events across the UK, Europe, the Middle East and Malaysia and are confident that Beats On The Day is going to be the next big thing in unique, interactive wedding entertainment.

How our unique wedding entertainment package works